Forrester Consulting: ROI of OneLogin is 482%

May 3rd, 2016   |     |  product and technology, company news

How does OneLogin add value to businesses? According to a recent Total Economic Impact Study by Forrester Consulting, the OneLogin solution resulted in a 482 percent ROI with just a two month payback for an existing OneLogin customer.

Before investing in OneLogin, the customer, a global manufacturing firm (who chose to remain anonymous), was using a homegrown single sign-on solution for its cloud apps.

The Organization cited in this Forrester TEI study is representative of many companies whom OneLogin has helped achieve their overall strategic vision of moving their applications to the cloud,” said David Meyer, OneLogin Vice President of Product and Online Business.

OneLogin empowered their IT team to drive the transformation, providing them with secure access spanning all office and remote users, all devices and every application.

Forrester quantified additional risk-adjusted benefits of $3,425,833 over three years versus costs of $588,548, equating to a net present value (NPV) of $2,837,285.

Key benefits of the OneLogin service include:

  • Faster access to cloud-based systems and applications throughout the day: $3,043,803.

  • Reduced service desk labor due to fewer user password reset requests: $195,840.

  • Faster integration with new systems using OneLogin’s connectors: $54,387.

  • Security administration savings with OneLogin: $131,803.

Want more details? Click here to read the full Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of the OneLogin solution.

To learn more about the OneLogin solution, check out this whitepaper: Identity and Access Management (IAM) Without Compromise. One-time registration for this content will grant you access to all OneLogin informational resources!

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