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April 16th, 2014   |     |  Smarter Identity

This is a guest post from Annie Dunham, Director of Product Management at LogicMonitor, the SaaS-based performance monitoring solution that enables IT Ops teams to intelligently monitor the infrastructure, applications and services that fuel their business. Annie has over 14 years experience working with Product and Development teams to deliver software systems that improve workflows across industries. She is instrumental in the product management process, continually creating innovative ideas and establishing LogicMonitor’s product persona.

IT managers either adopt a DevOps philosophy or think it’s passé. Either way, it’s hard to argue with the foundational principle that IT automation isn’t just a trend but rather a key tenet of today’s IT Ops environment. When done right, automation brings efficiency to IT teams.

At LogicMonitor  — OneLogin’s newest integration partner that offers infrastructure performance monitoring via it’s SaaS-based platform — it’s often said that “the best way to get a promotion is to automate your way out of a job.” You may wonder what the reasoning is for this and it’s simple: automating manual tasks is fundamental to the LogicMonitor product philosophy. A team that monitors thousands of data points each day are also testing new data centers, adding equipment vendors, and performing the laundry list of daily IT Ops responsibilities. Efficiency isn’t nice to have — it’s a requirement!

Our integration with OneLogin reduces the time required for user management configuration by over 50%, as the integration completely removes the need to manage users and security policies within LogicMonitor.

The OneLogin integration makes identity management easier as admins can gain efficiencies by using existing user roles or groups to define LogicMonitor access.  It’s likely that you already create application users, manage passwords, and assign roles, and now you can give them access to LogicMonitor direct from OneLogin.  Once your users are authenticated, they get the added benefit of not having to go through another sign in process.

LogicMonitor’s Single Sign-on capabilities are based on SAML 2.0, which can be configured with compatible IdPs. For ease of use we’re excited to announce a partnership with OneLogin to deliver a joint solution that provides:

  • Cloud-based identity and access management
  • Simple single sign-on
  • Security and management to web applications both in the cloud and behind the firewall

OneLogin has an extensive record of industry firsts — including open source and rapidly-implemented SAML toolkits along with native iOS apps for identity management. OneLogin’s unique market position as a cloud-based, enterprise identity management solution means that our joint solution with OneLogin is certain to help both firms’ customers become more efficient and automated with respect to their IT Ops infrastructure management and performance monitoring.

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