Are your New Hires Cyber-Security Savvy?

June 10th, 2016   |     |  security & compliance

Summer is here. And that means the university graduates of the class of 2016 are moving from their classrooms into the “real” corporate world.

In the article Make Cybersecurity Part Of Your Onboarding, recently featured by Ere Media, VP of Human Resources at OneLogin Mai Ton discusses her concerns about the poor security habits that students adopt in college.

“In the coming weeks, tens of thousands of new college graduates will join the ranks of companies in North America and across the globe,” says Ton.

“While an important addition to the team, these entry-level employees are bringing much more than their skills and experience to the workplace – many are bringing poor cybersecurity habits.”

Habits such as accessing unsecure Wi-Fi network in coffee shops to losing company laptops in airports and taxi cabs may have been forgivable in college, but are certainly not acceptable in corporate work environments.

So… What should new employees know about Cybersecurity?

Ton provides HR and IT professionals with four areas to focus on cybersecurity training, including the following basics:

  1. Being aware of phishing scams

  2. Being careful of what you share online

  3. Keeping a close eye on corporate devices

  4. Knowing what apps you can and cannot use

Click here to read the full piece by Mai Ton.

What about current students?

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More about OneLogin

Educating employees on how to access work data properly is a critical step in keeping a secure work environment. But even the most thorough cybersecurity training isn’t foolproof. The sad truth is that just because you tell new hires not to use the same password for every work account doesn’t mean they are going to listen.

The most robust way of ensuring that employees are securely accessing their work apps is an Identity Management solution like OneLogin. Click here to read how OneLogin can provide your business with an Identity and Access Management Solution without compromise.

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