Zero Trust Identity Is Not A Zero-Sum Game

Many enterprises are flinging themselves headlong into the cloud, and IT security and identity professionals are trying to figure out how to keep ahead of new risks, vulnerabilities, and challenges of sheer scale.

Are we looking at increasingly dire security and compliance risks forever more? Far from it. While the new math may take some getting used to, it actually presents opportunities for risk mitigation and operational efficiency that we’ve never had before.

Watch this video and learn how to take a comprehensive “Zero Trust” approach to identity and access management to simplify what may feel like an impossibly complex challenge. Topics we’ll cover:

  • IAM implications of the extended enterprise: Bring-your-own variable
  • Apply the Zero Trust model of information security to your infinite challenges: 0 > ∞
  • Single sign-on and mobile-fueled strong authentication go great together: 1 + 1 = 3

Real life example? Imagine having to manage social media accounts in fifty languages for some of the world’s leading brands. Now that’s sheer scale! Hear how Paul Elson, technology manager at eModeration, is able to manage what may first appear to be unmanageable.

Your Speakers

Eve Maler, Forrester Research, Inc., guest speaker
Prin. Analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals

Eve Maler is a principal analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals. She is an expert on emerging identity and security solutions, identity federation, consumer-facing identity and web access management, distributed authorization, privacy enhancement, and API security.

Paul Elson, guest speaker
Technology Manager

Paul Elson is technology manager at eModeration, a global social media management agency that works with some of the world’s leading brands including ITV, MTV, ESPN, HSBC, Sony Mobile, Hyundai, The LEGO Group, Sprint and The Economist.

Elias Terman
VP Product Marketing

Elias is responsible for product marketing at OneLogin. Prior to OneLogin, Elias led product marketing at SnapLogic where he helped establish them as the leading independent cloud integration company.

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