SD Elements
Single Sign-On (SSO)

OneLogin Free Plan for SD Elements Single Sign-on

Secure SD Elements with OneLogin to take complete control over application access, create and enforce security policies, and add a second factor authentication. SD Elements end-users will enjoy OneLogin single sign-on across mobile, web and desktop one click two-factor authentication, as well as the ability to search across applications.

SD Elements is a system to build security into software that enables companies to know when their systems are vulnerable to new threats or have new application security compliance requirements.

Single Sign-On

OneLogin uses SAML 2.0 to sign users into SD Elements, eliminating user-managed passwords and the risk of phishing.

Active Directory & LDAP Integration

OneLogin’s zero-config AD Connector allows you to grant and revoke SD Elements access in real time based on your directory groups. No firewall changes required.

OneLogin Mobile

Many web apps don’t have a native mobile version and the ones that do often only provide a reduced feature set. OneLogin Mobile makes your web apps accessible on the go.

Multi-factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of protection with OneLogin’s free smart phone app or a pre-integrated third-party solution from RSA, SafeNet, Duo Security, Symantec or VASCO.

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  • Active Directory Integration
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  • Unlimited Personal Apps
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

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